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about the lovely places like Masca, Icod, Garachico, Puerto de la Cruz, Lago Martiánez, Casino Taoro, about the artist César Manrique of Lanzarote, about Toña of the hotel Semiramis, about the artists who performed live in the bar of the hotel like 'Rikki', famous with the "vibes", Beni and his sister live on the guitar and many others.
small note : min. soundcard : Soundblaster Live! with the Windows Mediaplayer installed. Yep and I sure tried the Quicktime plug-in but the quality of the music playing was not what I expected. I am open for info about this one. Please beware the music is copy protected.
info about the configuration of your Soundblaster Live!

All these files are "midi-files". Please use music-software to hear the sound the way it was composed.
Hint : Try : "PowerTracks Pro". (together with Windows 98 f.i.)
Meeting Toña G-Botanico Puerto in the Morning Icod Casino Taoro
Evening in Puerto Lanzarote Dancing with Carmen Los Silos I remember Puerto
Lago Martiánez Garachico Five stars of Puerto Semiramis Masca